Climbervoice is a web site dedicated to climbing where you can find up-to-date info about all sort of crags; the classic ones and the popular new spots alike. We have put them on google maps and, thanks to a powerful search function, you can use Climbervoice to plan your next climbing trip.

It's totally free,  so you can browse and print whatever you like. There aren't annoying pop-ups or distractions of the sort.

Mmh, ok. So what? Isn't this just like a zillion other websites out there?

Well, maybe. However, Climbervoice is designed to let climbers contribute, adding pitches and keeping crags updated.  Directly from climbers to climbers. This is why it's easy to use, extremely easy, so that everybody can contribute.

Climbervoice is entirely community driven  (that means you!). You can contribute the following:

  • Content: Add a route that somebody forgot or modify the approach to ensure access issues are being contemplated. In time, when you become a more validated user, you'll be able to modify other user's contributions, just like Wikipedia.
  • Function: If you have an idea to suggest, do so in climber.uservoice.com, where other users can vote on it. Popular majority decides wheter it becomes reality or not.

Because climbing deserves a reward we've added some incentives. If you want, you can mark the routes you've sent, gaining points based off of the climb's rating (climbing points). Nothing too serious, just a small motivational game ;-)

Happy climbing!

Who are you?

My name is Massimo Iacolare a passionate developer and climber who lives in Florence, Italy. Climbervoice is my attempt to create a link between them. Here I am:

climbing on Rovaio (alpi apuane) climbing in Verdon