FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Check out the google maps to see which crags are out there. Otherwise if you already know where to go use the powerful search box in home page, it understand everything: crag's names, sectors, pitches, places and more.

How do I contribute?

Check whether the crags you know better, have already been inserted: did all information and all pitches get inserted. If there's something missing, go add it.

There's a score by my name. What does it mean?

Those are contributor's points, that you've gained taking part to ClimberVoice's information insertion and update. It rules waht you can do to informations provided by other people.

Here's how it works:

  • Crag: 5 bonus points for being the first to insert it, plus 5 more points for each field filled.
  • Sector/Pitch: 2 points for each field filled.
  • 2 points for each field you update (improving content, of course ;-)


  •  Insert a new crag and fill the name and location fields => 5 (bonus) + 5 + 5 => 15 points
  • Insert a new pitch filling name and rate => 2 + 2 => 4 points

Gather sufficient points and more functionality will become available to you:

At 300 points you can sort pitches in a sector.
At 1000 points you can edit informations provided buy other users.

I see two different scores in my profile, what are they?

One is the contributor score, discussed above. The other one is the climber score that increases when you add a pitch to the list of your repeats (the +1 symbol that's on the side of pitches). It has been added purely as a fun and motivational factor, we don't make any claim to determine rankings between climbers.

Here's how points get assigned:

  • 50 points => 5a (Fr), 5.6 (USA), V- (UIAA), 13 (Au)
  • 60 points => 5b, ...
  • 120 points => 6b, 5.10c, VII-, 20
  • 130 points => 6b+, ...
  • 230 points => 8a, 5.13b, X-, 30
  • 240 points => 8a+, ...

For conversion between rating systems we used this table from wikipedia.

Why some fields cannot be modified?

Because their content has been contrbuted by others and the system doesn't yet allow you to edit other people's contents. Don't give up , you can gather more reputation inserting more crags and pitches, there are surely some more you can insert.

Other people can modify what I inserted?!

Exactly, but only when they are considered reliable by the system (testified by their contributor score).

May I use any browser?

All those that are updated:

Internet Explorer 6.0 is not supported; if you're using it upgrade to one of the ones above and you'll probably be happier in general ;-)